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Pokemon Conquest 2

Heres who i think every warlord who doesnt have a legendary should get:

Kai:Entei Her mission is called warrior woman and is tough kinda like Entei

Motochika: Suicuine Says few words, powerful and determined.

Hanbei:Raikou Pikachu is similar to Raikou, Raichu similar name and like the shiny Raikou

Ginchiyo:Zapdos only remaining electric legendary

Motonari:Celebii He is curious like celebii.

Yoshihiro: Keldeo When you lose to him his say things about trying your hardest kinda like Keldeo in the movie.


Masamune:Tornadrus  Perfect typing unlike the other flying types.

Yoshimoto: Genesect the right typing

Ujiasu: Regirock Last one left + the others are being used.

No: Girantina Perfect typing only ghost legendary.

Kotraro: Darkrai Only dark legendary + look alike

Kanbei:N/A only one remaining is Ho-oh and kanbei is not a rainbow person hes actually the opposite

Muneshinge: Lugia Last flying left.

Gracia: Mew  Innocent good typing

Hanzo: N/A

Kunoichi: Kyreum: last remaining of her types

Yukimura: Moltres Perfect typing

Magoichi: Shaymin-S Perfect typing + he is full of himself like the shaymin in the movie.

Kanetsugu: Cresselia  Perfect typing

Aya: Regice  I could imagine her helmet/hood in the shape of redices head+ good typing

Okuni: Ho-oh good enough typing

Ranmaru: Cobalion Perfect typing

Ina:Kyogre Good typing


Oichi:Latias good typing

Kioymasa:Latios Good typing

Ireland is like politoed it never stops raining
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Re: Pokemon Conquest 2

Glad to see others wish for a sequel :D
Gian, we all left. Bye!
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Re: Pokemon Conquest 2

never bought the game but if they do that im buying #1 and i hope its for the 3ds not the wii u !