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To any and all PR members reading this

How are you all? I know I'm still in contact with some of you (I talk to Phix almost daily), but it's been a while. Maybe some of you remember me, maybe you don't. Either way I don't really mind (it's been a while, and tbh I had to come here to remember some people's names. I'm not perfect okay). But I just wanted to say thank you I guess, while I'm here and typing this, for everything that happened in PR: the drama, the fun times, Pandora Rain and the mods' chat, even raiding other chats. All of it was fun and I enjoyed it. PR was also during one of the hardest times of my life, and without it I don't know how I'd be faring now. Life is a lot more happy and enjoyable now and I have PR among other things to thank for that. My time as a mod was also pretty awesome, it's a shame that the chat died... if only Discord existed back then.

Anyway, sorry for the insanely long post. If you're reading this and want to say hello to me or Phix, you can contact me on my deviantART (kage-niji), and message me there since I'm bound to check it. I'll give you my skype that way if you want.

Thanks again for the memories :)

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